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A conversation on one's Self- limiting

Hello everyone
Recently I was interviewed by Dr. S P Mishra of India Career Centre on Self limiting beliefs.
I enjoyed the session very well since it is a quite interesting topic to talk about.
We also talked about how we needed someone to "handhold" us in a company to make sure that the company runs smoothly. Examples of Bhagavad Gita and Chanakya were given as analogies as well to better understand the importance of it.
Kindly do give it a watch and let me know your thoughts on it.



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Motivating Emotional Intelligence empowers business – Subhash Bhaskaran


1. How strong is your belief system
2. How to transform your mindset to achieve your targets
3. Can processes be implemented without bringing the team to the same page
4. Does a StartUp founder need mental motivation / transformation
5. Have you checked your emotional intelligence quotient


Man becometh what he seeketh only when he believeth in the ability to achieveth the same! Successful are neither born with a silver spoon nor made from their experiences but reach the stage due to their will power and adaptability.

Every founder needs a mentor to guide them at every stage over the consequences of the strategies designed. However initially, a mentor or a proven professional coach is required to transform the mindset to act positively towards the goal.

One such professional coach who transforms not only processes but also the people involved, because he believes that people are bound by their self-limiting beliefs and making them break the shackles helps them grow. Our guest of honor is ‘SUBHASH BHASKARAN, a Personal Performance Coach and a Certified Executive Coach. He is also an entrepreneur who founded EMPOWER BUSINESS.’


To awaken the real individual in all of you, we thought we will bring some thoughts from this profound coach. Because we believe individual transformation helps the society bloom and the nation race ahead, globally.

In a candid chat with SUBHASH BHASKARAN....

Can you brief about the problem you are trying to solve through EMPOWER BUSINESS?

In today’s world there are many ‘Conventional Performance enhancement training programs that focus on One size fits all, “How” and no execution support.’

That means your programs are totally different and result-oriented?

Yes! ‘We provide Online One-On-One, objective oriented, dash board enabled programs. We focus more on the “What is stopping the person to achieve the goals which is one’s self-limiting belief.’

Looks pretty interesting, Do brief us more about EMPOWER BUSINESS?

‘Due to the information surge people are not able to get proper hand-holding in the job which gets reflected in the Performance Appraisal. This results in low morale for people at work and attrition. This causes a huge impact to the organization in-terms of rehiring costs as well as gaps in performance of the individual.

EMPOWER BUSINESS provides new age Leadership program which is Online and One-On-One. We do not focus on the ‘how’ but look at what is stopping the person to achieve his goal.’

How does EMPOWER BUSINESS make a difference?

‘Our offerings start form 30 day to 90 day program with a daily dash board for monitoring progress. This is focused more towards startup founders as well as -2 levels in organizations. Though founders get funding the execution is done by their team which requires motivating staff to be on the same page. We facilitate the execution with our talent management expertise.’

Personally what is the catalyst that made EMPOWER BUSINESS what it is today?

‘I was dealing in performance enhancement for myself when I was working in corporate. After leaving the corporate in 2004 and being an entrepreneur for over a decade, thought of contributing to this segment.’

What do you feel that deterred your concept in the initial stages?

‘Since it is a new concept in the talent management domain, pitching and enrolling stake holders was a challenge. However due to mentoring as well as trial and errors, now the concept is being accepted by the stakeholders.’

Based on the experiences and expertise where do you feel EMPOWER BUSINESS stands today?

‘Right now due to the pandemic, Learning & Development was not on focus. Now people have started accepting this as work in future is going to be mostly virtual, with a hybrid model where the existing training programs have a challenge.’

Now tell us something about your future plans for EMPOWER BUSINESS?

‘We plan to offer the services globally. We are also Planning to add AI into our dash board. Want to bring in visibility through online presence with a team. Also look at expanding the program delivery team. Also looking to starting off with the One-On-One coaching only for 2 sessions and then move onto group coaching.’

How do you add value with the ongoing tough competition in this particular domain?

‘Coaching requires more of intellectual capital like a doctor’s profession. I have done more than 1000 assignments One-On-One and am able to look at the blue print of participants easily. Hence the intellectual capital, One-On-One & execution support using the dashboard are the USP. As far as we know there are people in coaching but an organized way of committed execution support to achieve the objectives is not available. This has been confirmed by our prospective customers as they get lot of pitches.’

Great connecting with you, lets conclude with your growth advise to our set of upcoming StartUps?

‘Get into Niche and know how to pitch, focusing on the problem area and corresponding solutions you are providing.’

N V Vijay Kumar
Founder and Editor in chief The NFA Post.