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This is a true story of a corporate world..….

Mr.R is a person with exhaustive experience and is highly recognized in the business. He applies for the post in the senior management. The prospective employers are happy to interview him and take him on board.

His first day in office is exciting as his peers and superiors are thrilled to have him. His family feels great that R is working in this well known company which has lifted their economic status in society.

The management over a period gives R what he wants, sends him for training and benchmarks for performance is agreed upon.

A year passes  by…

During the performance appraisal the board sees gaps in the performance. Some members feel that they had over expected R’s performance based on his previous experience…...

R in turn says why he could not perform as he did not have the ecosystem of his previous company……..

What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There”- Dr.Marshall Goldsmith

Is this a story of a typical “YOU”……..

The need...

As an Executive or Entrepreneur have you ever wished you knew exactly how to overcome the fears, doubts and blocks that prevent you from producing breakthrough results in your professional and personal area? The solution is to partner with a seasoned executive coach to diagnose problems, create solutions, develop skills and take the necessary action to achieve your vision. 
“Every winner has a coach”.

What does coaching offer?

  • Coaching gives an opportunity to work on  ones “watch-out” areas highlighted in the performance appraisals with an external coach with total confidentiality.
  • Coaching is becoming critical component of Performance Management System (PMS).
  • Coaching is a powerful dialogue between a coach and a participant within a time based and result-oriented context.
  • Coaching is usually confidential, allowing people to freely discuss delicate issues; to shed defenses; to explore blind spots and shortcomings in both professional and personal life.
  • Coaching is all about a behavioral transformation to reinvent himself.
  • Coaching focuses on present challenges and future opportunities.
  • Coaching allows for continuous learning, offering support, encouragement and feedback.
  • Coaching is individually tailored to the person.
  • Coaching helps talent management and development.

Who are we?

We are have a team of experienced, skilled and certified coaches to facilitate you in learning new skills to achieve specific professional and personal goals. Our technology relies on “Leadership Transformation”. We use various behavioral tools and cognitive thinking methods during the engagement to detect challenges for you. Our coaches are from a business background and hence are able to identify with the issues people are dealing with.