Success Stories - Empower Business

Varisha Rizvi  
Associate VP - Marketing , Bion Safety Controls Pvt Ltd.

Senior Management Professional.

N V Vijay Kumar
Founder and Editor in chief The NFA Post.

I am very pleased to mention Special thanks to Empower Business for Breaking my self limiting beliefs and being able re-build my broken relationships and develop new ones. I was also able to take leadership role from a micro-Manager and panic creator to a more versatile and relaxed facilitator, mentor......

& If I can do it you also can....

Thank you Mr Subash Bhaskaran for one-on-one Online Nextgen Leadership programme.

Subrat Kumar Sarpanch
MBA in Quality Management | B.Tech | Qualified Lead Auditor QHSE | Certified Lean Six Sigma |NMDC Iron & Steel Plant

My experience of this extraordinary unique programme
1) Clear and comprehensive sessions to achieve the objectives.
2) Focus on-the-job challenges, find out the root cause analysis and facilitate solving it.
3) Proactive mentoring to achieve my objectives.
4) Facilitate clarity in thinking for collaboration.
5) Empowering to take actions in challenging situations.
It was an eye-opener to probe the root cause analysis of the 360 degree stakeholder feedback from the psychological perspective. Once the root cause analysis was looked at, it was easier for me the to achieve the set objectives.

Prashant Saksena
Head of Global Operations in an MNC

Empower Business are experts in Human Behaviour analysis and are able to leverage the rich experience in coaching to ensure that the entire program is highly result oriented. They make you feel very comfortable even when you are undertaking significant steps to transform your leadership methodology.

Sanjoe Jose
Serial Entrepreneur & CEO Interview Master

Empower Business was introduced to me when I was searching for a Coach who can offer me a helping hand for innovation in business ideas which would augment my existing business. Their teams Knowledge-base, Leadership, Mind-reading capability to help the participants.

S. Sasikanth
Founder & CEO, Centris Infotech Services

Empower Business inspire you in developing new leadership styles, when you are unable to move forward. Their ability to break down the old patterns that prevent you from being your true self. Once you find that you are no longer are dictated by old beliefs, you start creating success in all areas of your life.

Nagaraja. C
Founder & Director Benaka Oils & Fats Ltd.

The Team listens to what you want from the training.They facilitate the engagement not only through the psychological perspective but also from business acumen.This had made a considerable difference in my career.They will tailor your personal / professional life to your needs.

Vijayalakshmi. M  
Senior management Professional in  one of India’s leading Media company.

Empower business supported me in learning how to set attainable goals that I could achieve. They helped to push me and guide me to be the best version of myself. They had really spent time with me, helped me to think through my goals and which areas to prioritise.

They facilitate to find your self-limiting beliefs and put you into action to attain the objectives in your professional and Personal developments.

Vijaya Basu  
GM-Operations  Bion Safety Controls Pct Ltd.