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Every activity in an organization is getting automated and also technology keeps replacing them.

However one activity which cannot be digitized is Human-Human interaction.

Why is that? Because it is always Emotions in Human being which mask the behavior of a person in a given situation. This is known as Emotional Intelligence, measured as E.Q.

  • Organizations employ people for particular tasks based on their I.Q.  but are unable to evaluate their  E.Q , which is more important for an individual to work in the present virtual world. Sometimes  employers wonder "why the best candidate is unable to perform in teams?
  • Also due  to the digital interference at work place and high quantum of virtual interactions/information, Emotions are high at work places. This results in low productivity in teams which has an effect in the organization. Employers wonder "why teams with high potential are not performing"?

In the  above circumstances neither the individual/ team are aware as to why they are unable to perform. These are called blind spots. A higher level of Emotional Intelligence for the same individual/team  in the above circumstances will increase productivity at work.

As every winning sportsman/team have a skilled coach, it is requisite for high performing teams/individuals to have a similar structure in the present dynamic business scenario. An individual/team has to keep scaling the Emotional Intelligence to meet the highly demanding work environment. As people build business,  any disempowering behavioral trait of an individual/team can also have organizations run out of business.

We at, Empower Business focus on developing the Emotional Intelligence of the individual/teams. Our transformational model looks at “Why people behave, the way they behave”. Our focus is on the “source” than the “symptoms”.

Having trained over 1000’s of people our “Leadership Transformation”  model not only transforms an individual’s  professional life but also impacts his personal life.

“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others”-  BILL GATES

Our Purpose is “We are in the business of surprising people of their better version”.

Our vison is “To be a leading organization globally, where business and people leverage our services to discover their potential and accomplish radical results”.

Our Mission is “Ensure people go beyond their own belief systems to achieve the unimaginable in professional and personal life. They are left surprised of their new self”.

Our Values is “Empathy & Trust”.